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Launch of the independent aggregation regulatory framework study

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The Nordic region is looking into the Electricity Market Directive requirements to enable demand side flexibility participation. The Directive lays out requirements and suggestions on how market participants engaged in aggregation and independent aggregation should be integrated into the electricity market.

Independent aggregation regulatory framework study

On behalf of the Electricity Market Group (EMG) under the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Energy Research (NER) commissioned DNV to perform a study on how different European countries have implemented or are implementing the independent aggregator regulatory framework and what are the lessons learnt for the Nordic regulation.
In this session DNV, together with EMG, presented and discussed key topics from the Independent Aggregation Regulatory Framework study.


  • Aurora Sáez Armenteros, Senior Consultant Energy Markets & Strategy, DNV
  • Andrea Stengel, Secretariat, EMG


  • Hans de Heer, Principal Consultant Energy Markets & Strategy, DNV


  • Jan Pedersen, Director, Agder Energi
  • Dr Paul Troughton, Senior Director Regulatory Affairs, Enel X
  • Romain Benquey, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Centrica Business Solutions