Environmental sustainability in transactions: Insights for the finance community

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Environmental sustainability in transactions breakfast

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DNV’s breakfast events for the finance community aim to give stakeholders with interests in the energy industry insights in the latest trends and developments affecting financing of energy infrastructure projects.

Hosted by DNV Due Diligence Director Martijn Maandag, the last session - entitled: Environmental Sustainability in transactions, insights for the finance community - looked at how Environmental Sustainability impacts your business.

Environmental sustainability has become a critical factor within the due diligence process for all transactions. With increased environmental focus by policy makers, non-governmental-organizations and civilians, emissions and environmental permitting are currently driving a lot of policies, developments, approvals, regulations, taxonomy, strategies and funds-raising. How does this impact current (M&A) transactions? What change do we expect for upcoming transactions? And which role will ESG play?

DNV, with contributions from Houthoff and AEB, answered the questions above during this one-hour hybrid seminar.