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Floating offshore wind in APAC

About 300 GW of floating offshore wind will be installed globally in the next 30 years, requiring around 20,000 turbines, each mounted on top of floating structures weighing more than 5,000 tonnes and secured with so many mooring lines that if they were tied end-to-end, they would wrap around the world twice. But for floating offshore wind to achieve its potential it needs to overcome several challenges.  

Topics discussed in this webinar

  • Floating wind: Turning ambition into action 
  • Offshore wind farm energy analysis 
  • Floating lidar deployment 
  • Holistic approach of transportation and installation in floating wind concept 
  • Cybersecurity for wind farms.


  • Zhang Minghui, APAC Offshore Wind Segment Lead, DNV
  • Dr. Koh Jian Hao, Head of Section - Wind Project Development and Analytics APAC, DNV 
  • Moon Young Hee , Head of Section - Wind, DNV
  • Andy Wang, T&I Engineering Business Lead, DNV
  • Manogara Vijayan Shenbaga, Principal Consultant - Industrial Cybersecurity, DNV.

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