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Financing challenges and opportunities in BESS

Watch the recorded panel discussion from our breakfast seminar in Amsterdam on 2 February 2023, featuring speakers from Giga storage, Rabobank and DNV

Batteries – as forecasted in DNVs Energy Transition Outlook - will provide a significant part of the future flexibility needs, as standalone, in solar and storage or vehicle-to-grid configurations. From 2020 to 2050, world utility-scale storage capacity increases from 2.8 TWh to 30 TWh. Of this, co-located storage with solar and Li-ion battery storage capacity will see the largest growth.

How is this growth financed? And how are today’s and foreseeable projects dealing with among others merchant, off-take and supply chain risk? BESS projects have different characteristics compared to wind and solar.

In this one-hour panel discussion Ruud Nijs (CEO - Giga Storage), Marc Schmitz (Head Renewables Europe Project Finance - Rabobank) and Koen Broess (Segment Leader Energy Storage - DNV) looked at the financing challenges and opportunities in BESS, focusing on Europe, providing insights from a financing, industry as well as market and technical perspective. The session was moderated by Martijn Maandag (Director Due Diligence - DNV).