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Digital grid operations

This webinar captures the future of grid operations and digital transformation as key enabler of the energy transition.

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Transitioning towards digital grid operation is key to modernization in the energy industry and will impact all stakeholders. To enable advanced real-time network management and data analytics, standardized and secure data exchange is a must to fulfill business process requirements and ensure regulatory compliance. Systems need to support both flexibility and the interaction in energy markets that are dealing with increased renewable generation and the electrification of demand. This webinar captures the future of Grid Operations and Digital Transformation as a key enablers of the energy transition.


Next-gen grid operations
Digitalization and technological evolution are determining factors for E-REDES in its central role in the electricity sector and in the ongoing energy transition. Its participation in the new dynamic system should be supported by real-time sensing, integrated action in all voltage levels (HV/MV/LV) and new functions for forecasting, managing and controlling energy flows, thus seeking to capitalize on the volumes of information produced by the smart grid in the operational domain.

In this context, the future ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) will be a strategic element to respond to these challenges. Data integration based on CIM is a critical element in ensuring the success of the ADMS implementation.


  • André Paulo, E-REDES
  • Lino Prka, DNV.

CIM assurance of system operations
In accordance with the requirements of various European network codes and guidelines, CGMES (an IEC standard, part of the IEC 61970-600 series) have been developed to enable interoperability between applications, supporting the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and TSO business processes. Hence, ENTSO-E has set up the Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS) with DNV, the 1st lab to provide conformity testing services to ensure new digitalized systems are conformant to the standard. The session will give an overview on the CGMES CAS v3.0 framework including the latest updates, testing requirements, processes, and the innovative tool ‘CIMbion’ used part of the CGMES conformance testing services.


  • Svein Harald Olsen, ENTSO-E
  • Marellie Akoury - Shima, DNV

Digital transformation capabilities
Digital technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact all power supply and use stakeholders by making the electricity system more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable. With all these modern technologies, data exchanges are growing exponentially, and interoperability is key to making this digital transformation success.


  • Elena Henríquez, DNV