Controls and optimization for hybrid storage projects

Complementary energy storage webinar

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Controls and optimization for hybrid storage projects

Robust performance of a storage energy management system is key to achieving revenue goals or contractual requirements for a hybrid renewable plus storage system. Storage plants, coupled with renewable systems, are required to perform multiple functions related to renewable smoothing, renewable firming and revenue optimization.

Register to watch the on-demand webinar and learn about technical control methodologies and algorithms to implement storage controls for solar firming, solar smoothing and merchant market energy arbitrage. GE will present implementation of these use cases with FlexIQ Dispatcher that performs moving horizon optimization based on forecasts and real-time plant measurements. Performance of this methodology will be compared against a standard approach that considers rule-based algorithms. Comparative results will outline performance metrics in terms of renewable energy utilization, ramp control and arbitrage revenue gains.

Speakers include:

  • Adam Guenther, lead controls engineer with GE Renewables Hybrids
  • Charu Mehendale, Director for Controls and Digital Solutions for GE Renewable Hybrids
  • Michael Kleinberg, PhD., Head of Department for DNV’s Energy Storage Advisory team
  • Dr. Mohammed Muthalib, Senior Consultant working with DNV’s Energy Advisory group in Chalfont, PA, USA
  • Nellie Tong, Principal Consultant in DNV’s Storage and Grid Edge Intelligence team