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Utility-scale solar PV: from big to biggest

The world is electrifying. The share of electricity in the total energy mix will more than double to 45% by 2050. Renewable energy, led by solar photovoltaic (PV), will supply that growth and replace much of today’s fossil-fuel generated electricity. The reason? Cost.

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Renewables + storage = resilience

The primary task of electricity grid operators around the world is to ensure that energy gets from the source of generation to the end users safely, reliably, and affordably. But as the generation mix changes from predictable fossil fuels to intermittent renewable sources, how can we ensure the reliability of grids?

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Why windfarms need to step up cyber security

Researchers from the University of Tulsa reported that it took less than a minute of lock-picking on one unsupervised turbine's door to gain access to the unsecured server. From there, the researcher connected the laptops via the server of that singular turbine to instantly access IP addresses representing every single turbine in the network. This is just one example of the vulnerability of windfarms to cyber-attacks.

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Asset performance management for electric utilities

With utilities across the globe facing the pressure of growing fleets of assets and replacement demand coupled with shrinking budgets, it’s more important than ever to rethink asset management strategies. Read our Industry Insights Report to learn how energy companies are moving from traditional approaches to data-driven ones.

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