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Offshore wind design and integration

In a new and expanding sector, DNV offers technical consultancy based on long-standing involvement in major projects in the US and Europe

Offshore wind (OSW) is universally recognized as an important potential source of clean energy. It can play a significant role in decarbonization, particularly where production can be sited near major coastal urban areas.

However, while OSW installations already exist and more are being rolled out, some aspects of the integration technologies, such as HVDC solutions, are still maturing or in development. Moreover, because offshore wind generation is relatively new, there is little historical data to indicate which integration solutions deliver the best performance in terms of costs and benefits.

Real-world offshore wind experience supports your strategic decisions
DNV has been involved in OSW since the earliest projects and is currently active in ongoing offshore projects around the world. As a result, we bring an exceptional depth of experience to support you in making informed decisions about your strategy for the design, integration and utilization of OSW.

We can assist OSW developers, and state and research agencies, in developing offshore transmission solutions and conducting strategic studies. These wide-ranging studies are typically designed to assess the potential and impact of offshore wind technologies and their integration into the grid, covering both economic and technical aspects.

For project developers, our services include feasibility analyses and offshore grid design to help you define your project’s integration strategy and technology selection based on a detailed techno-economic cost benefit analysis spanning:

  • Technology evaluation/comparison
  • Evaluation of DC/AC integration solutions
  • Conceptual design
  • Loss calculation
  • Reliability analysis
  • Cost estimate
  • Grid code requirement assessment
  • Reactive power analysis
  • Techno-economic comparison and ranking of all possible solutions

We also offer Point of Interconnection (POI) analyses to identify optimal interconnection points based on reliability and economic criteria.

Unbiased expertise drawn from major projects
Our expert teams are exceptionally well-placed to support customers with all aspects of offshore wind projects, including supply chain and related costs.

In the USA, we have performed multiple studies for offshore wind integration. We have extensive experience in the interconnection of more than 20 GW of wind resources to the most challenging grid conditions across the US, as well as deep knowledge of grid code requirement and regulatory policies. Meanwhile in Europe, we are leading integration of offshore wind in Germany and the Netherlands.

Leveraging this experience, we offer in-depth, unbiased expertise in offshore renewables and technologies, so our customers can make well-judged decisions about their technology and project strategy.