Balance of Power

An interactive film-based game about the smart energy future

You are a journalist filming Energy Minister, Irene Jansen, on her road to Presidency. The process highlights some very real dilemmas about the future electricity system. Listen as a sustainable entrepreneur, an energy supplier, and a grid operator state their individual cases for the future, based on very different motivations. Help Irene make the right choices.

Get it right and everyone will benefit. Get it wrong and you risk blackouts and protests.

Daeneel Petterson Han Stark Chloe Chevalier You (Alex)


DSO | Focused on grid stability, reliablity, and safety


Energy Supplier | Eager to maximize commercial value


Energy Entrepeneur | Promotes sustainable business models


A Documentary-maker | Filming Energy Minister Irene Jansen

Why play?

To facilitate learning and discussion, this documentary game presents real-life energy system challenges and future scenarios. It helps players to understand the different roles within the system and the implications of different decisions. And… it is fun.

How to play

When played individually, the film takes around 20 minutes to unfold, but you can also play this game as a group, using the questions raised as a starting point to discuss issues and opportunities around entering the flexibility market. Interested? Download some workshop formats and suggestions.