How we support our customers

Forecaster provides trusted renewables forecasting services for customers throughout the global power system. They rely on our forecasts to inform and validate their decision making, optimize their operations and maximize profitability.



Energy traders

Accurate, reliable wind, solar, electric load, and market price forecasts derived from real-time weather conditions reduce transaction risks with the click of a mouse.

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Asset owners/stakeholders

Ensure your projects meet scheduling obligations while enabling operations staff to efficiently plan and execute maintenance and construction activities.

Research and development

Our analysis capabilities, data platform, weather and forecasting expertise provides customized solutions and data you need to explore new opportunities.

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Utilities/ISOs/grid operators

Sophisticated regional and plant-level forecasting integrated into your 24/7 grid operations, dispatch, and market management with access to our forecast experts.



Grid operators and utilities
Accurate renewables forecasts are the key to balancing supply and demand on the grid in a greener energy system. They help you ensure a reliable supply of electricity and eliminate blackouts while integrating renewable energy in the most efficient way. With DNV’s Forecaster, you can seamlessly build sophisticated regional and plant-level forecasting into your 24/7 grid operations, dispatch and market management.

Energy traders
How do you get the best price for every megawatt-hour you trade? Our accurate wind, solar, load and price forecasts are derived from real-time weather conditions. They help you minimize imbalance costs and risks in day-ahead trading so you can make informed buying and selling decisions fast and with confidence.

Renewable asset owners/operators
Anticipating weather conditions helps you get the most out of your renewable energy assets. And in some markets, production forecasts are a regulatory requirement. Forecaster delivers trusted, data-driven forecasts with a strong track record for accuracy. They help you meet scheduling obligations and plan maintenance for times of low generation conditions to minimize the impact on your availability and profitability.

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