2000 +


wind and solar

150 +


of installed capacity

20 +


across six continents

Powering tomorrow, today. Revolutionize your energy strategy with cutting-edge short-term forecasting.

Forecaster offers unparalleled accuracy and dependability in energy data, supported by our team of global experts and nearly two decades of experience in power forecasting.

Tailored to meet your specific requirements, Forecaster ensures you have the precise information needed for optimal operational decision-making.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond data accuracy; we provide exceptional customer support, adapting to your unique needs at every turn.

With Forecaster, you gain more than just data - you access a wealth of knowledge and a partnership dedicated to enhancing your energy management strategies.


Customizable solutions to satisfy all requirements


System redundancies, service up-times in excess of 99%


24/7 email and phone support

  • Global expertise, local support: DNV has a strong local presence to better understand and meet your specific needs, backed by a global network of energy experts.
  • Round-the-clock global support: We offer comprehensive support 24/7/365, accessible through both phone and email. 

  • Expert technical advisors in key locations: Our teams of technical advisors based in the UK and US bring specialized knowledge and regional insights. 

  • Seamless forecast delivery: We deliver power and meteorological forecasts with ease and efficiency, utilizing automated systems via API, SFTP, or email to ensure timely and accurate information. 

  • Intuitive web portal: Gain direct access to the latest information and review recent performance metrics through our user-friendly web portal. 

  • Customized delivery options: Recognizing the uniqueness of each client's needs, we offer bespoke delivery methods tailored to fit your specific requirements. 

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