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Our unique hoisting tower system offers rapid erection of the emergency restoration towers.

  1. Towers can be erected quickly
    A tower can be fully erected, including insulators, in four hours – without a crane.
  2. Can be set up anywhere
    Each hoisting tower, along with the required power tools, hand tools and accessories, is stored in its own 20 foot shipping container. The heaviest part weighs 125 kg, making it possible to carry and erect it in areas inaccessible to heavy vehicles.
  3. Small footprint
    The hoisting tower is secured to the same guy wire anchors that will be used for the Emergency Restoration System itself. The working area required to operate it is contained to a 5 x 5 m area.
  4. Straightforward and intuitive
    Highly-trained workers are not necessary to erect towers. Operators only require one day of training.
  5. Safety
    The hoisting tower system minimizes working at height. Operators build the tower from the bottom up, pushing the assembled sections higher and higher from ground level. They stand at a maximum height of four meters on stable platforms to attach the insulator strings and guy wires themselves, reducing the safety risks from high-line work. This method is significantly safer than using a gin-pole.

The DNV Emergency Restoration System comes in standard 20 foot seaworthy containers. All tower components, complete with insulators, guys, foundations and all other accessories, fit into one 20 foot container provided with a rack mount for storage of the loose components. All sensitive parts will be protected to avoid any damage. We developed an upgraded solution that includes bespoke racks for the insulators and more specialized storage compartments. This makes it easier to verify that all the required parts are on hand and are stored safely, eliminating the risk of damage and deformation.

Container storage

ERS installation: container 1 375x375pxlERS installation: container 2 375x375pxl
ERS installation: container 3 375x375pxl
ERS installation: container 4 375x375pxl

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