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Offshore wind: The time is now

In recent years, the world has taken major steps towards a lower-carbon energy system. However, we still have some way to go to meet internationally agreed emissions targets for combatting climate change. The good news is that, after years of impressive progress, offshore wind is now ready to become a major contributor to global energy production as well.

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Choosing the right battery storage solution

Variable renewable energy sources like wind and solar need energy storage to help balance production and demand. Battery-based systems are fast emerging as an ideal solution, but with big differences between batteries; how can manufacturers provide performance assurance and how do project developers choose the right storage solution?

  • Manufacturers

Disruptive innovation and the traditional energy company

Wouter van Wersch, VP of General Electric, looks at the energy and technology transition from the perspective of a traditional energy business and focuses on the specific needs of Asia.

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Data science & machine learning

There are already emerging success stories in which data-driven modelling has contributed to significant efficiency gains, but for applications where the consequences of wrong decisions are large, many industrial data science or machine learning (ML) projects still fall short of expectations.

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