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We take pride in delivering independent insights based on facts and data. Discover below some of our most recent reports, podcasts and opinions from experts across the energy value chain.

  • Power and renewables

Pathway to Net Zero

Explore our detailed pathway for achieving a net-zero emissions energy system by 2050.

  • Power and renewables

Energy Transition Outlook 2023

This year, we forecast that clean energy will increase from today’s 20% share of the global energy mix to 52% in 2050. But the global energy transition has not yet started, if we define the transition as clean energy replacing fossil energy in absolute terms.

  • Power and renewables

Closing the energy storage gap

DNV’s latest research explores the outlook for energy storage, covering priorities and investment; enablers, barriers, and risks; and separating short-term trends from long-term viable solutions.

  • Power and renewables

How vehicle-to-everything (V2X) can turbocharge the energy transition

There are very large potential benefits – to consumers and grid operators alike – in leveraging the battery capacity of the fast-growing EV fleet to enhance flexibility in power systems.

  • Power and renewables

Trilemma and Transition

Download the report to explore the view from across the energy industry on confidence, sentiment, and priorities for 2023 – drawing on a survey of more than 1,300 senior energy professionals.

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