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We take pride in delivering independent insights based on facts and data. Discover below some of our most recent reports, podcasts and opinions from experts across the energy value chain.

  • Governments

Best practices for sustainability, climate action and resilience

Traditional utilities and energy providers explore new opportunities with cities to achieve environmental sustainability, energy security, resilience and economic development. Read our report to gain insight into the actions of this transition.

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  • Utilities

Smart cities: What is the future?

What fundamental principles must be established before a city can become a smart city? We talk to Gordon Falconer, Global Director Smart Cities for Schneider Electric, about the growing trend for global cities to develop ‘smart’ capabilities; what this means for its citizens; and what steps governments are taking as they look to the future.

  • Utilities

The Brooklyn microgrid - blockchain-enabled community power

A local marketplace enabling communities to choose where their power comes from - is the microgrid the future for consumers? DNV discusses the Brooklyn Microgrid project with Belinda Kinkead, Director of LO3 Energy, Australia, and discovers how it will transform the way that we interact with our power supply.

  • Utilities

Preparing for the storm: Minimizing risk through resilience

As the frequency of extreme weather events is on the rise, existing buildings are vulnerable to power disruption, equipment failures, displacement of residents, and other costly damages. This webinar will feature tools and strategies to improve the resilience of existing buildings and community assets through building upgrades and microgrids.

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