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Competitive energy market (CEM) content services

As the leading source of business intelligence and strategic market analysis to competitive energy markets for almost 30 years, DNV is at the forefront of the industry’s transformation. Success in this rapidly changing environment depends on the strategic use of timely, holistic intelligence about developments and strategies within competitive power markets. The CEM service is an annual subscription of three to four annual reports, delivered during the year. All of this is delivered via DNV’s data platform and industry ecosystem, Veracity

Retail energy outlook (REO)
Annual review of the changes in retail market size for residential and non-residential customer classes in all open markets. This includes analysis at the ISO, state and utility levels for both residential and non-residential volume and customer account switching. Both power and natural gas versions of REO available. 

Market share landscape
Annual review of competitive market share leaders, ranking market activity and performance among competitive energy providers with data reported from competitive suppliers themselves. It is the only industry publication with direct competitive supplier input, providing market driver insight, growth initiatives, and M&A trends. 

Sales strategies report
Annual analysis exploring aggregator, broker and consultant (ABC) channel partner perspectives that identifies the challenges, opportunities and key metrics for success in the retail electricity market.