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Australian Battery Performance Standard (ABPS) project

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ABPS project updates


Final project report

This report was prepared as part of the Australian Battery Performance Standard project and aims to create a performance standard applicable to Photovoltaic (PV)-connected residential/small-scale commercial battery energy storage systems within Australia.


Milestone 5

Status as per 15-06-2020


Milestone 4

Status as per 15-12-2019


Milestone 3

Status as per 30-06-2019


Milestone 2

Status as per 30-11-2018


Milestone 1

Status as per 31-07-2018

ABPS gap analysis


Gap analysis of existing battery energy storage system standards

Full report


Gap analysis of existing battery energy storage system standards

Summary report

ABPS testing and performance


Test battery selection report

Report number: PP198127-AUME-R-02-A


Test battery selection process - executive summary

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS1A-TEC-03-R-01-A


Battery testing activities - interim report 1

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS03-TEC-04-R-01-A


Battery testing activities - interim report 2

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS04-TEC-01-R-01-A


Environmental testing parameters protocols

Report number: PP198127-AUME-MS03-TEC-02-R-01-A


Interim report 3 on electrical performance of test cells

Report number: PP198127-AUME-MS04-TEC-01-R-01-A


Final report on battery testing activities

Report number: PP198127-AUME-MS05-TEC-03-R-01-A


Battery Storage Equipment performance related hazard identification process

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS05-TEC-01-R-01-A


PV connected battery performance evaluation best practice guide

Best practice guide, for battery storage equipment connected to residential / small-scale commercial PV systems.

ABPS battery capacity


Battery calibration report - public release

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS02-TEC-R-01-A


Battery capacity estimation methodology report

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS03-TEC-01-R-01-A


Comprehensive review on battery capacity estimation methods

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS02-TEC-05-R-01-A


Interim battery capacity estimation methodology and validation using CSIRO data

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS04.A-TEC-05-R-01-A


Final battery capacity estimation methodology

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS05-TEC-02-R-01-A

ABPS IT and battery management


IT Power data analysis report

Report number: PP198127-AUME-MS02-TEC-R-01-A


MSDS recommended best practice report

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS04-TEC-03-R-01-A


BMS recommended criteria report

Report Number: PP198127-AUME-MS04-TEC-02-R-01-A