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Now the energy transition moves into the implementation phase, resistance to change rises and complexity, fake news and polarization are hampering progress. This makes that the communications profession becomes essential in making change happen. Our aim is to unite communications, marketing and public affairs professionals from the energy sector and join forces with science, journalists and politicians to accelerate the energy transition. As Energy Game Changers, we share ideas, start initiatives, and facilitate dialogues with the sole purpose of advancing the transformation to a decarbonized future. Energy Game Changers is an initiative from Caroline Kamerbeek, Vice-President Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs for Energy Systems at DNV and Charge Energy Branding. 

On the 30th of May DNV organized an Energy Game Changer round table during the European New Power Summit in Arnhem, the Netherlands with Dutch communication and marketing managers, journalists and scientists. An article was developed with ideas on how to accelerate the energy transition in The Netherlands.

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Caroline Kamerbeek

Caroline Kamerbeek

Vice President Marketing, Communications, Public Affairs, Energy Systems

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