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Regulating the energy transition

Webinar series: Adapting gas systems for decarbonization

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Regulating the Energy Transition: Decarbonizing the Natural Gas Distribution System
The regulatory landscape is adapting quickly to ensure a safe, sustainable, and equitable future. Regulation and policy changes play a vital role in accelerating the energy transition. New opportunities and considerations such as hydrogen, non-pipe alternatives, grid modernization, demand side management, renewable natural gas, fugitive emissions, and others are top of mind for gas operators as they explore new ways to continue providing a safe, equitable, and efficient service to customers.  So, how will the landscape of regulation change in response to decarbonization goals and what will be the regulatory impact on gas system operators?


  • Rory M. Christian, Chair of the New York Public Service Commission
  • Matthew Nelson, Chair of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
  • Kristina Kelly, DNV, Director of Energy Strategy