Webinar recording: Prevent accidents due to human error more efficiently and cost-effectively with an integrated approach to HRA and HAZOP/LOPA

Human errors in the process and chemical industries are very common, and they can have severe consequences. These could include injuries or fatalities, fires and explosions, loss of assets and revenue, reputation damage, and environmental damage. Watch this recording to learn how to prevent accidents caused by human error efficiently and cost-effectively by implementing HRA method. 

While the majority of accidents in the process and chemical industry are due to human errors, most companies do not sufficiently analyse human reliability in their risk studies. While there are many Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) techniques available, these typically involve major investments in time and resources. 

To address this, DNV has developed a simplified HRA method which can be integrated with traditional Process Hazard Operability (HAZOP)/ Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) studies. The method provides more accurate and reliable LOPA & Safety Integrity Level (SIL) allocation results and is less expensive to implement than other methods.  

Key topics:   

  • The problems that can occur due to human error, and their impact on operations 
  • Why HRA is often poorly managed  
  • How you can more accurately analyse, verify and quantify human actions within your PHA studies (HAZOP, LOPA, etc.) 
  • Q&A.

The on-demand webinar will include real-world examples and cases and conclude with a live Questions & Answers session. 


Marcus Tatulinski
Marcus Tatulinski studied industrial engineering and psychology. He is a senior consultant with many years of experience in the field of risk management services. He combines the technical approach with the consideration of the human factor. 

Omar Eltoukhy
Omar Eltoukhy is a process safety engineer with a master's degree from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). Omar is a junior consultant at DNV GL with almost 2 years of experience in conducting process hazard analysis (PHA) studies and trainings for multinational clients in the process and chemical industry. Omar’s experience with risk assessments have covered HAZIDs, HAZOPs, HRA, SIL assessment with LOPA methodology.

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