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Webinar recording: How a systems approach to data can install trust and enable a net-zero future

Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage will be key to the energy transition as focus increases on deep decarbonization.

But what role can data play in these emerging industries? DNV, supported by the Open Data Institute, have published a report exploring the role and opportunities that increased trust in energy systems data could leverage in support of investment, initiation, execution and operation towards a net zero future.

In this webinar, DNV experts and key industry players as they discuss:

  • The key findings from the report including, how data could play an important part in support of initiation, execution and operation of carbon capture and storage projects, and the value of data to the emerging hydrogen economy
  • How trusted third-parties could play a part in supporting the validation of data assets associated with the energy transition
  • How the various actors in these connected industries will look to share, transact and exchange data between each other as energy moves from onshore to offshore and/or vice-versa
  • Why this matters to the end-consumer.


  • Ian Phillips, Development Director, Pale Blue Dot Energy
  • Sarah Kimpton, Vice President, DNV
  • Mike Smith, CEO, NECCUS
  • Josh D'Addario, Senior Consultant, Open Data Institute
  • Tim Hare, Head of Sales, DNV.

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