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DNV has experience in the oil & gas and power generation industries working on all types of rotating equipment to provide a comprehensive range of solutions

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Christopher Charles Dagnall

Christopher Charles Dagnall

General Manager - Rotating Machinery Group

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Rotating Machinery Solutions has a range of services to support our customers in managing your equipment, these include site-based diagnostics to remote monitoring contracts.

Remote monitoring

DNV has proven solutions for remote monitoring making use of a business intranet or globally on the internet, meaning that data/information goes to the right people. 

Benefits include:

  • Quicker response from machinery experts
  • Move data not people
  • Machine problems can be solved quicker minimizing downtime and lost production
  • Experts and service providers can provide input in a cost effective timely manner
  • Several different locations can be monitored by the one team. 

Condition monitoring

DNV can design condition monitoring contracts to suit your requirements and can be delivered remotely using modern online monitoring systems, this can include all aspects of you equipment and includes vibration, performance, emissions and reliability as well as business specific KPI’s.

Machinery transient analysis

Collecting machine vibration when a machine is either starting for the first time when new or after overhaul and during shutdown, provides invaluable vibration baseline information characterizing the rotating equipment behaviour.

Vibration surveys

Our experienced vibration and machine experts can perform an independent vibration survey of your rotating plant. This can be performed through the use of either portable equipment or any online systems which may already be installed.

Machinery diagnostics

A full range of machine faults can be diagnosed on any type of rotating equipment. These can be performance related or vibration. Our engineers can provide you with a second opinion or verification of issues when discussing with OEM’s and service providers.

On site, trim balancing

Machines often exhibit higher than usual once per revolution vibration, this can often be caused by unbalance. DNV can trim balance your machine to ensure it runs with reduced vibration, a smooth-running machine will operate more reliably. It is always important to establish that the vibration is caused by unbalance and not a developing problem, before balancing is performed.

Contact us:

Christopher Charles Dagnall

Christopher Charles Dagnall

General Manager - Rotating Machinery Group

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