The Onshore Pipeline Committee

A non-commercial forum to tackle decarbonization challenges in the onshore pipeline value chain

A collaboration initiative

DNV's new Onshore Pipeline Committee recently launched as a non-commercial forum dedicated to addressing decarbonization challenges within the onshore pipeline value chain. This initiative follows the success of DNV’s Offshore Pipeline Committee, as DNV continues to lead industry collaboration and innovation toward achieving net-zero emissions, exemplifying industry-wide commitment to a decarbonized future.  

On 11 September, 2023, the Onshore Pipeline Committee's successful kick-off meeting marked a promising beginning on our journey towards achieving net-zero emissions. 


The objectives of the Onshore Pipeline Committee are to:
  • Offer a meeting platform for the onshore pipeline value chain to discuss the latest challenges and developments in H2, CO2, and NH3 pipelines 
  • Foster member interactions, sharing valuable insights, sparking discussions on new ideas and developments, and cooperate towards reducing the segment’s carbon footprint. ​ 

Currently, we are delighted to have 12 enthusiastic members on board, and we are ready to welcome more.   

Membership is free and open to representatives from companies involved in fabricating, owning or operating onshore pipeline systems. They are at the forefront of the decarbonization process, actively contributing to achieving net-zero emissions by transforming supply chains and operations. Meetings, conducted via Microsoft Teams, occur 1-2 times annually for half a day.  

If you share our mission for shaping the future of pipeline infrastructure or want to join the conversation, please get in touch with us.