We have a leading position in qualifying polymer and composite solutions for critical applications. We have played a key role in introducing synthetic fibre ropes for mooring or thermoplastic composite pipes for risers and pipelines. This requires a systematic qualification effort to build trust.

At our Technology Centre in Oslo, we can support you with: 

  • Advice on the use of composite in energy transition applications like hydrogen and CCS infrastructure and offshore wind
  • Testing of thermoplastic composite pipes (TCP) per DNV-ST-F119 and DNV-ST-C501 (simulated service, mechanical, exposure/compatibility)
  • Material analysis (micro- and macro-examination) of elastomer and thermoplastic seals
  • Structural analysis and FE simulations of bonded joints and bonded repair of steel structures per DNV-RP-C301 
  • Technology qualification of thermoplastic composite pipes, flexible risers, pressure vessels and other composites components/structures per DNV-RP-A203 
  • Failure analysis and root cause investigation of GRP pipeline, high speed craft, wind turbine blade etc.  
  • On-site inspection of e.g. composite pipeline, wind turbine blades, high speed craft, etc.  
  • Advice on concept development, feasibility studies and risk assessments
  • Training.