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When failure occurs, we are ready to respond on short notice with highly skilled and experienced investigators. We have extensive experience in failure analysis and can guide you to take the right decisions in terms of preserving and analyzing evidence.

Failure analysis is essential to establish the root cause of an incident, to identify measures to resume operation and to implement long-term corrective actions.

The laboratory has conducted failure investigations and technical root cause assessments for more than 50 years; we have completed more than 600 investigations since 2006 alone. We integrate our expert system knowledge in ship machinery, subsea, pipelines and structures in our failure analyses. This enables us to contribute throughout the process, from failure investigation to root cause identification and the prevention of future failures.

Failure investigations typically include:

  • Collection of data and information
  • Field examination
  • Visual examination and photo documentation
  • Chemical analysis
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Hardness measurements
  • Mechanical testing
  • Macro examination using a stereo microscope
  • Micro examination using a scanning electron microscope (SEM).
Failure analysis can be ordered via Veracity by DNV where a standardized scope is provided. Check out the service online: Technology Centre Oslo - Failure investigation | Veracity by DNV