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Large-scale testing comprises capabilities for both standardized and tailored qualification and verification testing of fibre ropes, mooring chains, steel wires, lifting accessories and oilfield risers. Based on testing and mooring analysis, our laboratories are assisting operators to use securely moored oil and gas assets well beyond original design life, as well as qualifying cost-efficient mooring solutions for offshore wind. Our mooring analysis and testing experts in Norway (Oslo and Bergen) have a long track record of advising customers on how to manage the integrity of their mooring systems efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

The largest machine has a 2,900 ton load capacity (28500 kN) for static and dynamic testing and can test samples up to 20 meters length. Wire rope testing can be done on short notice to provide immediate and timely results.

Dedicated test rigs for tensile and fatigue testing of aquaculture net panels up to 15 m length can be customized for qualifying new technologies. Tailored test rigs for qualifying cleaning systems for aquaculture has been developed.