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DNV maintains a highly skilled and experienced staff of materials scientists, engineers and NACE-certified technicians - backed by one of the premier materials testing laboratories in North America. DNV is a single go-to source for all aspects of corrosion control. The first step in managing integrity is to identify potential threats. DNV maintains proven expertise in evaluating integrity threats including internal corrosion, external corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), and fatigue.

Monitoring, modeling & mitigation

We are capable of:

  • Performing standard and customized electrochemical and corrosion testing
  • Performing electrochemical measurements under challenging process fluids and wastes, non-aqueous and resistive media, flowing conditions, and under AC-DC interference, etc.
  • Conduct thermodynamic, electrochemical, and multi-physics modeling.
Extend the life of your assets with our expert corrosion services. DNV specializes in challenging mediums, environments & operating conditions.