Hydrogen as an energy carrier

DNV’s research paper forecasts decarbonization driving significantly greater use of hydrogen for energy by 2050

Hydrogen can play a significant role in decarbonizing world energy supply to mitigate climate change, according to Hydrogen as an energy carrier, a research paper by DNV. The research forecasts demand for hydrogen to carry energy to rise from about 1,000 tonnes today to 39–161 million tonnes of per annum in 2050, under various scenarios.

The research paper includes insight on: 

  • The countries most likely to adopt hydrogen at significant scale for heating residential and commercial premises
  • When production of blue hydrogen (derived from fossil fuels and carbon capture and storage) and green hydrogen (derived from renewable energy sources) will achieve cost parity, and what they will be used for
  • A viable business concept for producing low-carbon, transportable hydrogen offshore, from natural gas.

Download a copy of the position paper