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Trustworthy digital twins must be continuously assured

DNV offers the world's energy companies safety and trust as digital development is moving at an unpredictable pace, shaping a new era of risk. Factors such as high energy demand, geopolitical unrest, and the critical importance of a successful energy transition have rendered energy systems more vulnerable than ever. 

With DNV, this transformation is done in a reliable, resilient way, ensuring all aspects have been carefully considered and quality assured. We help ensure that your digital assets are a resource, enabling you to improve safety and processes and make the right decisions.

Are your digital twins a real asset?

Digital twin technology has vast potential but takes time to get it right. Investing in digital technology does not in itself guarantee a return on investment. To ensure business value, you must quality assure your digital assets with the same rigor as your physical assets. 

Five key questions you need to ask

  1. Am I confident in specifying the scope of the digital twin’s functionality?
  2. Will my digital twin work correctly and evolve alongside my physical asset over time?
  3. Is my digital infrastructure right and safe for digital twin planning and operation?
  4. Is my organization ready for digital twins and able to evolve alongside them?
  5. Am I prepared for upcoming regulatory changes?

The answers to these key questions will help you secure a return on investment and support the different industries in implementing connected digital twins.

The DNV Digital Twin Buyer's Guide gives you input to these five key questions and supports your journey towards implementing and operating digital twins.

Fill out the form and download the DNV Digital Twin Buyer's Guide to start on the path to making your digital twins a real asset.