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Four key questions you need to ask to make a digital twin a real asset

Digital twin technology has vast potential, but it's hard to get it right. Investing in digital technology does not in itself guarantee a return on investment. To ensure business value, you need to quality assure your digital assets with the same rigor as your physical assets.

  1. Am I confident about specifying the scope of the digital twin’s functionality?
  2. Will my digital twin work correctly and evolve alongside my physical asset over time?
  3. Is my digital infrastructure right and safe for digital twin planning and operation?
  4. Is my organization ready for digital twin and able to evolve alongside it?

The answers to these four questions will help you to secure a return on investment and support the oil and gas industry on its journey towards implementing digital twins.

The DNV Digital Twin Buyer's Guide gives you input to these four key questions and supports you on your journey towards the implementation and operation of digital twins.

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