Adapting gas systems for decarbonization

A new framework for the energy transition

Decarbonizing gas distribution systems is an essential response to the new and evolving frameworks of the energy transition.

Natural gas system decarbonization and adaptation require a strategic approach to meet the needs of your customers while also responding to the energy transition.  While electrification offers many solutions for electric utilities when they consider decarbonizing their energy systems, gas distribution pipeline owners will have to weigh the alternative options to pure natural gas, focusing on timing, cost implications, infrastructure and regulation. Early planning can enable organizations to take advantage of the opportunities in energy transition while mitigating costs and reducing barriers to conversions to clean fuels. 

Our value 

We have a long history of supporting gas distribution operators and utilities to adapt and decarbonize their systems. DNV has expertise across the entire energy value chain with an expansive understanding of materials and their limitations for conversions, financing models and rate cases that impact customers, and insight into the pressures utilities face when considering non-pipe options.  We also understand the state and local policy and regulatory environment related to the energy transition and can help you understand their ramifications on your operations. 

Upcoming Content Series

Over the next few months, DNV will bring you thoughts and insights from the industry's top leaders who are tackling these issues. Be sure to explore our introduction article where DNV's leading energy expert Pedram Fanailoo dives into the complex issues that gas distribution operators and utilities are facing in adapting systems for decarbonization. 


Upcoming DNV presented webinar events for decarbonizing gas distribution systems

Regulating the Energy Transition: Decarbonizing the Natural Gas Distribution System

The regulatory landscape is adapting quickly to ensure a safe, sustainable, and equitable future. Regulation and policy changes play a vital role in accelerating the energy transition. New opportunities and considerations such as hydrogen, non-pipe alternatives, grid modernization, demand side management, renewable natural gas, fugitive emissions, and others are top of mind for gas operators as they explore new ways to continue providing a safe, equitable, and efficient service to customers.  So, how will the landscape of regulation change in response to decarbonization goals and what will be the regulatory impact on gas system operators? 

Find out at DNV's regulatory roundtable! 

Join us for the second webinar in DNV’s 3-part series on Adapting Gas Systems for Decarbonization, this webinar will feature a conversation with regulators to get their perspective on the changing energy system. We will discuss where they see decarbonization going, what needs to be done, where effort needs to be focused, challenges and strengths, and what role regulators and utilities play in facilitating the energy transition.


Rory M. Christian

Chair of the New York Public Service Commission

Matthew Nelson

Chair of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Kristina Kelly

DNV, Director of Energy Strategy

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