Taking a broader view on ocean space

Seizing opportunities and managing risk

The ocean space is a key resource for energy, food, minerals, leisure, and transportation. It represents huge potential for value creation. Yet data and knowledge about the ocean space is scarce, and concerns are rising over its health and the sustainability of resource utilization.

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Addressing opportunities and risks in the ocean space requires a holistic approach – a broader view

At DNV, we acknowledge the need for an integrated, cross-sector approach to ensure sustainable activities related to the sea. We were born out of the ocean industry more than 150 years ago. Safeguarding the ocean space is integral to our vision of having global impact for a safe and sustainable future.

We apply some of the world’s leading subject matter experts to address technology, environment and business risks and opportunities relevant to a wide range of ocean-related issues and industries. Our unrivaled combination of disciplines and cross-industry experience allows you to reduce cost and environmental impact, increase quality, work smarter, reduce time to market for new technologies, and assess and verify compliance with regulation or best practice.

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Pioneering Sustainable Ocean Solutions - DNV at the World Expo Dubai
The World Expo is hosted in Dubai from 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022. This is the first time a World Expo is hosted in an Arab country. 190 countries will be represented, and more than 25 million visits are expected. The motto for Expo Dubai is "A Better World Together" under the theme "Connecting Minds - Creating the Future", with subthemes: "Opportunity - Sustainability - Mobility". 

The Norwegian government has chosen “Norway - Pioneering Sustainable Ocean Solutions” as the theme for the Norwegian pavilion, presenting ocean industries and technologies. DNV was invited as a business partner by the Norwegian Government and has contributed to the content development for the pavilion. Learn more at https://norwayexpo2020.no/

  • Maritime

Decarbonize shipping

The pressure is on for the maritime industry to decarbonize. To help navigate these complex challenges, DNV has gathered up-to-date information to help turn uncertainty into confidence.

  • Group

Offshore aquaculture

Aquaculture production is forecast to grow to between 102-105 million tonnes by 2027. To meet this demand one solution is to move offshore, as suitable new locations for inshore production become scarce.

  • Group

Key trends shaping the Blue Economy

This Ocean's Future to 2050 report highlights how the Blue Economy is entering a period of sectoral and geographic diversification.

  • Power and renewables

Commercializing offshore wind with confidence

Floating offshore wind is opening new possibilities for wind power locations and will play a critical role in the transition to a cleaner energy supply. DNV is helping floating offshore wind commercialize with confidence.

  • Food and beverage

Understanding and managing aquaculture risk

DNV’s barrier management guideline enables more efficient risk control during operations, providing efficiency gains for fish farmers and authorities.

Marine Aquaculture Forecast: Oceans' future to 2050

Our 'best estimate' of the future considers population growth and changes in living standards to estimate future demand for food. We also consider growing concerns about health and sustainability. We forecast the role of marine aquaculture in meeting this demand through the main species and technology options.

Understanding and managing aquaculture risk

DNV’s barrier management guideline enables more efficient risk control during operations, providing efficiency gains for fish farmers and authorities.

Ocean Stewardship 2030 - ten ambitions

Ocean Stewardship 2030 describes ten ambitions that will contribute to a robust blue economy whilst also allowing the health of our oceans to flourish

Global Goals, Ocean Opportunities

How we protect and manage the ocean will determine much of our success towards delivering the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and businesses that are connected to the ocean have a critical role to play.

Mapping ocean governance and regulation

A working paper for consultation for UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business

Aquaculture going offshore

DNV's research paper exploring the risks and opportunities associated with offshore aquaculture – and stands ready to help.

Technology and the ocean economy

Read about technology developments in the ocean space in our Technology Outlook 2030.

Recommended practice for seabed mining

Download our recommended practice on managing environmental aspects of seabed mining

Some of DNV's services within ocean space.