Tom Stefanski new Director of DNV GL’s KEMA Laboratory in the USA

Power engineering veteran Stefanski takes the Helm at America’s Largest High-Power Electrical Test Facility leading the safety, testing and certification services to critical power infrastructure organizations

Tomasz Stefanski, Director of KEMA Laboratories - USA in Chalfont, PA.

CHALFONT, PA - 20 December 2016 – DNV GL has appointed Tomasz Stefanski as director of its KEMA laboratory in Chalfont, the largest high power electrical testing laboratory in the United States. Stefanski, who took the reins earlier this year, is responsible for the overall operations and maintaining high technical standards of the facility.  

Stefanski brings more than 35 years of experience in operations, design, testing and maintenance of high voltage switchgear. In his 28 years at Powertech Labs, of which more recently as the manager of the high power lab, Stefanski has led and managed more than 1,800 projects involving development, routine, safety, quality and certification short circuit testing of transmission and distribution switchgear equipment performed for a world-wide spectrum of electrical manufacturers, utilities and research organizations. He has represented the Nations of the Americas on the Short Circuit Testing Liaison Technical Committee as a Technical Director of the STLNA. He is a member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society and participates in several working groups of the IEEE Switchgear Committee. He earned his M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in power engineering from the Technical University of Warsaw. 

“As the world energy infrastructure changes rapidly with the rise of power from renewable resources, integration of new technologies like energy storage and electric vehicles, test laboratories play a critical role in ensuring the safety and reliability of the power grid remains in place. I am proud to join DNV GL and lead the world’s highest standard of power equipment testing,” Stefanski said. 

KEMA Laboratories are globally recognized for independent accredited testing and inspection services to power equipment manufacturers, utilities and power companies, supplying the industrial, utility and power markets. “The team in Chalfont is highly qualified to assist our customers in designing, implementing and interpreting these types of tests,” said Stefanski, “We have the facility, equipment and experience unequalled in North America to meet the most rigorous testing and certification needs of critical energy assets.”  

The Chalfont facility, located just outside Philadelphia, is the largest high-power electrical testing laboratory in the Americas, with extensively broad capabilities. 

Testing determines how equipment works in practice and performs under extreme conditions equivalent to those experienced during service. These conditions can only be generated by test laboratories that have invested in proper equipment and experienced people who understand both the equipment and wide variety of test standards. The Chalfont lab contains world-class testing facilities for the testing of electrical equipment to IEEE, UL, IEC and other regional and international standards.  

“With Tom at the helm of the Chalfont lab, American utilities and network companies now have access to a great facility in their own backyards that can help them operate their power grids in the most reliable manner, through very knowledgeable and practical test experience,” said Jacob Fonteijne, Executive Vice President of KEMA Laboratories.

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