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New IMO-Vega WEB and WIN versions

The database now contains updated and consolidated IMO documents including resolutions from the Assembly’s 28th session, the MEPC committee’s 68th session and the MSC committee’s 95th session, plus circulars and interpretations including October 2015.

IMO-Vega is a searchable database of the regulation text of the SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line and other conventions, as well as codes such as ISM, ISPS, 2000 HSC Code, IBC Code and many more.

The new release of the IMO-Vega database is extended with the Polar Code, which will become mandatory under MARPOL from 1 January 2017. The Polar Code also becomes mandatory under SOLAS from 1 January 2017.

Further “Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas” have been added as advanced search feasibility under “Trade”, and several guidelines (e.g. on EEDI and exhaust gas cleaning) were adopted or amended by MEPC at its 68th meeting. In addition, the adopted IGF Code has been included, and the IMSBC Code and the GMDSS Manual have been updated.

All updated documents are included and consolidated into existing instruments, if relevant.

In case IMO instruments are presented as multiple documents due to the size, they are provided with links to content inside the specific instrument for better usability.

Forthcoming requirements to the mandatory conventions and codes are highlighted in green. Ref. Table of Contents > IMO requirements by enter into force date.


The IMO-Vega database

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