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EcoVadis awards DNV a platinum rating for business sustainability

DNV has been awarded a platinum rating for business sustainability by EcoVadis, the leading business sustainability ratings provider. This result places DNV among the top 1 percent of companies assessed by Ecovadis and confirms DNV’s commitment to the sustainability goals set out in the company’s 2025 strategy.

Green energy procurement program
As part of an overall reduction in scope 2 emissions, DNV surpassed its 2021 goal of 50% of certified renewable electricity for its facilities’ energy supply. We will continue to increase that percentage to 100% by 2025 as part of a wider plan to reduce our emissions.

Commitment to international organizations for sustainable development

  • DNV is a dedicated member of the United Nations Global Compact, and is committed to using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to drive progress on issues of global importance.
  • DNV is committed to realizing the goals of the Paris Agreement and helping customers transition faster to a deeply decarbonized energy system.
  • DNV is an active member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and actively supports the work of the Red Cross.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (D&I)
The importance of DE&I is highlighted in DNV's strategy, with clear and immediate action, including executive leadership inclusivity training, and broad-based engagement exercises across the group.

DNV invests at least 5% of its annual revenues in research, development, and innovation, with a focus on decarbonization and digitalization. DNV makes an impact by supporting customers in setting and implementing their own green transition roadmap, helping them reach their sustainability goals and make their businesses stronger, more efficient and future-proof. This support spans across a wide range of advisory, monitoring, verification, and certification solutions – including in clean shipping, renewable energy, safe and sustainable industrial operations and infrastructure, technology innovations, and health safety and efficiency.

To avert the climate crisis, action is needed from all parts of society including governments, companies and individuals. At DNV, we take our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact very seriously. The platinum medal shows we are moving in a strong direction in our ambitious goals to reduce the carbon footprint of our business, with the ultimate aim of making our operations, and those of our customers more sustainable.

  • Ellen Skarsgård