Maritime Digital Journey into the future of shipping - VR Video

Explore classification in 360 degree and Virtual Reality (new release of Sep 2018)

There are two ways to watch the video.

For the full Virtual Reality (VR) experience access the video with yourmobile phone and VR goggles:

  • Open this youtube mobile video link on your smartphone, start the video, enlarge to full screen and select “VR Mode” (the icon looks like a pair of glasses) 
  • Insert your phone into a Google Cardboard or any other VR goggles.
    (Note: The quality of the images can vary, depending on the quality of your VR goggles or Cardboard. We had a good experience with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone combined with a Samsung Gear VR headset.)

On your desktop pc you can still watch the video in 360-degree view and navigate with your cursor:

  • Start the video below (we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox) and enlarge it to full screen.
  • Use your mouse to adjust the perspective while the film is running. You will be able to look in all directions at any time.

You can start the video on your desktop pc here:

Maritime Digital Journey into the future of shipping

Watch the 360 VR 3D video format

Further explanations:

What is 360 video?

A 360 video is a video that is created from footage generated by multiple cameras, which film a scene from all directions. The individual videos are stitched together, either internally by the camera itself or externally using special software. The result is a spherical video that can be adjusted by the viewers, allowing them to look up, down, left and right.

What is VR?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated artificial environment that viewers can access using a VR headset. Sensory stimuli such as 3D images and sounds create a simulated reality for the viewer to move around in or even interact with.   

For our DNV GL – Maritime Digital Journey, we combined both technologies to create a very special experience.