Webinar: Updated BWM Convention – be ready for the discharge standard D-2 (August, 2019)

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Between 8 September 2019 and September 2024, we reach the second phase of the BWM implementation. If not already fitted with a BWM system for the D-2 standard, all ships in international voyage and with ballast water capacity or tanks must be fitted with a D-2-compliant ballast water treatment system by the next IOPP renewal survey at the latest. This webinar highlights the main issues.

Webinar agenda:

  • Regulatory compliance status and timeline, e.g. D-2 due date at next IOPP renewal, recoupling of IOPP
  • Overview of different types of ballast water treatment systems installed, and typical approval systematics
  • Recommendations for effective installation and commissioning tests
  • Malfunction of BWM system, and contingency measures
  • Further relevant topics related to the BWM Convention

This webinar is mainly relevant for vessel owners and managers as well as yards, but also other maritime stakeholders may benefit.

The presenters are Liliana Castro, Team Leader BWM Approval and Jens Kohnagel, BWM Project Manager, both from DNV – Maritime.

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