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EEXI and CII calculations - DNV's way forward

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As expected, the challenges of decarbonization for the maritime industry have continued to increase, and it is important to know what to do next to ensure compliance and competitiveness in the near future.

To provide our customers with tailor-made support, they can now benefit from our digital EEXI Calculator and our new CII assessment service, evaluating your current CO2 emission status and benchmarking towards agreed GHG trajectories.

This webinar is primarily relevant to DNV customers, but other stakeholders in the maritime industry can also benefit from it.

The webinar agenda covers:

  • The regulatory review in brief and resulting challenges
  • The EEXI calculator and further options to prepare for the EEXI
  • Calculations of CII using DNV's Emissions Insights
  • Questions and answers

The presenters for this webinar were Fabian Kock, Head of Section Environmental Certification, and Camilla Kjelsaas, Senior Engineer, both from DNV.

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