Watertight doors awareness

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Power-operated watertight doors are an essential part of keeping ships safe, working to block and contain incoming water in the event of an incident that can damage the vessel. Experts at DNV and GARD have compiled a package of training material to raise awareness of the correct use of power-operated watertight doors.

We have produced a training toolkit including a video and a presentation that identify the major risks, technical and operational issues in using power-operated watertight doors, and some steps the maritime industry can take to address them. These insights are supported by case study information and templates for work orders. 

After all, incorrect operation of watertight doors could put the safety of your crew and passengers at risk, threaten the environment, and cause lasting damage to your business’s reputation and image.

The content available to download:

  • Full watertight doors awareness video (16 mins)
  • 58-minute webinar with an in depth presentation on watertight doors with an expert highlighting the main issues and findings discussed in the presentation
  • 55-slide in depth presentation on watertight doors (pdf)
  • Case studies on watertight doors for onboard safety meeting and discussions
  • Template for work orders on watertight doors 

DNV recommends its customers to use the watertight doors awareness materials at your next safety meeting, officer conference or similar. GARD and DNV is delighted to support upon request.

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