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Naval Technical Assurance and DNV Class

National defence interests and requirements define and control the building and operation of naval vessels, and their regulation is significantly different from merchant ships by statute and necessity and in practice.

Classification, conventionally understood, is of course an important contributor to the assurance process of naval vessels. However, it often needs to be adapted to navy-specific needs and the environment in which naval ships operate, calling for processes that are more diversified and with a wider scope. DNV's Naval Technical Assurance expertise provides an alternative and generic approach to the assurance process.

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Both DNV Naval Technical Assurance and DNV Class are powerful tools whose preferred use depends on a given navy's own regulatory system and the nature of the vessel in question. You can rely on our combined competence for every type of surface-, subsurface- and governmental vessels.

DNV is technical assurance provider for the German Navy and provides classification and advisory services to the Norwegian Navy and many other navies around the world. We are also a founding member of the Naval Ship Classification Association (NCSA) and the International Naval Safety Association (INSA).

Naval design knowledge hub

Navies, naval designers and shipbuilders can find helpful guidance in the technology roadmaps developed for the Dutch Naval Design collaboration effort.

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Naval Design Knowledge Hub

Technology roadmaps applicable for the Dutch Naval Design collaboration effort might also provide guidance for other navies, naval designers and shipbuilders.

Underwater Technology

Download the two pager. Design, construction and operation at maximum safety and reliability.

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Decarbonization perspectives for navies

A new DNV white paper discusses how naval vessels can minimize their ecological impact without increasing their exposure.

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Maritime cyber security

Cyber security is an increasingly important topic for the maritime and offshore industries due to rapid digital transformation and with that comes new threats and regulatory requirements

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Digitalization in the maritime industry

The transition towards digitalization and automation is speeding up in the maritime industry.


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