Multipurpose Vessels (MPV)

Supporting customers get the most versatile ships possible

At the forefront of a dynamic sector

The MPV segment includes a wide variety of tonnage from small, shallow-draft coastal ships that may also access rivers and inland ports to high-tech oceangoing project carriers (heavy-lift MPV).

With 1,246 MPVs classed and a tonnage market share of 19 per cent, DNV is the leading classification society in this segment. The market is fiercely competitive and hinges on flexibility, efficiency, reliability and the ability to handle whatever cargo the market offers. Backed by many years of operational know-how, as well as comprehensive internal research, DNV experts provide a wide range of services to assist MPV customers in facing current and future challenges.

Helping to boost performance and profitability

Our top priority is to support your efforts to increase efficiency, sustainability and commercial success amid a constantly changing regulatory environment. We analyse fleets and operational profiles to elaborate suggestions for implementing new regulations, optimizing vessel and operational performance, planning newbuilds, mitigating risks, digital solutions and enhancing business operations.

Focus on long-term value

Investing in new ships allows owners to take advantage of advanced energy-saving technologies and innovative ship designs that expand operational flexibility and improve the bottom line. DNV’s unique “Ready” approach developed for investments in new MPVs aims to protect the value of a vessel over time. The goal is to design and build ships bearing in mind potential future modifications. This may include alternative fuels, retrofitting battery packs, cranes and dynamic positioning (DP) systems, or accommodating additional crew on board. This kind of prudent planning enables a ship to remain adaptable to changing market requirements through its entire lifetime.

Beyond handling all the technical class aspects of vessels including structural integrity, we also act as a facilitator of new concepts and communicator of well-informed advice to help owners and operators understand the challenges and the market, and to make the right decisions.

Guidance and transparency

DNV’s services promote safety and efficiency and range from innovative rules, e.g. for open-top transport of outsized cargo pieces to a set of new design loading conditions but also guidance notes, articles, presentations as well as technical and operational consultancy services. We also constantly revise specific notations in response to technical advances. For example, we updated our GRAB notation for cargo hold reinforcements in response to lower-weight cargo grabs with reduced damage potential – thereby helping owners to save money.

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