The Leading Maritime Cities of the World in 2024

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The 2024 Leading Maritime Cities (LMC) report is the latest collaborative effort between DNV and Menon Economics, offering valuable insights into the maritime cities that offer the best policy measures, initiatives, and support. These cities excel in both soft and hard infrastructure, and boast elite talent to enable maritime companies and individuals to connect and prosper. In the wake of geopolitical shifts and significant environmental concerns, the maritime industry has remained resilient, navigating through challenges while embracing transformative changes.

The report provides detailed insights and upholds its tradition of benchmarking maritime cities across five pillars: Shipping Centres, Maritime Finance and Law, Maritime Technology, Ports and Logistics, and Attractiveness and Competitiveness. Incorporating refined objective and subjective indicators, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of each city’s performance. The report also underscores the progress being made in technological innovation while emphasizing the ongoing journey towards meeting greenhouse gas emissions goals.

Singapore maintains its position as the world’s leading maritime hub. Excelling across multiple pillars, the city’s strategic investments in innovation and green transformation reaffirm its status as a global maritime powerhouse. The top five leading cities in 2022 had a mix of three Asian cities and two European cities, but the tables have turned this year, and now three of the five leading cities are from Europe and two cities are from Asia. Rotterdam and London continue to hold their second and third place respectively. Shanghai remains in the fourth position, while Oslo moved ahead to take the fifth spot.

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