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New ships

Newbuilding projects for which the carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel is relevant should plan for compliance with the new IP Code. 

All ships to which the IP Code applies shall have on board an Industrial Personnel Safety Certificate.


The IP Code applies to all cargo ships and to high-speed cargo craft

  • of 500 gross tonnage and upwards, and which
  • will carry more than a total of 12 industrial personnel, special personnel and passengers, and that
  • will be operating on international voyages,

constructed on or after 1 July 2024. The date of construction refers to the keel-laying date of the vessel or similar stage of construction.

High-speed cargo craft shall not carry more than 60 persons on board.

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Note regarding applicability (click to read)


The IP Code applies to ships from 500 GT operating on international voyages.

However, it is recognized that the transport of a large number of industrial personnel will take place either within the confines of a particular coastal state or between a base port and an offshore installation outside territorial waters.

To facilitate international movement and safe operations of ships carrying industrial personnel, administrations are encouraged to also apply this code to ships operating only on such voyages.

The flag administrations may also apply the IP Code and issue IP certificates to ships below 500 GT if they comply (as far as practicable) to the satisfaction of the administration, with all relaxations indicated on the certificate.

About the requirements

The IP Code and its design and construction requirements are to a large extent based on the Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships (2008 SPS Code), but with a few adaptations, mainly:

  • Training: Requirements to the industrial personnel (age, fitness, language, training and familiarization)
  • Safe transfer: Requirements to the arrangement for the safe transfer of personnel
  • Lifesaving appliances: For HSC cargo crafts, illuminated or luminous notices or video information system(s) are to be provided for the IP personnel and a safety equipment sub- centre for the crew.
  • Dangerous goods: If simultaneously carrying dangerous liquid chemicals and/or liquified gases as cargo in bulk and industrial personnel, be certified in accordance with SOLAS VII Part B or C or comply and be certified in accordance with the OSV Chemical Code (Res. A.1122(30)) or a standard not inferior to it. Ships carrying toxic products, low-flashpoint products and acids are not allowed to have more than 60 persons on board in total.

DNV can help!

DNV is available to help in all phases of a newbuilding project for a variety of services related to the IP Code:

  • Clarification of the requirements in the code (interpretations)
  • Early design review / concept design review
  • Approval in principle
  • Technical studies/analyses
  • Gap analyses
  • Dialogue with the flag administration

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