Modern class services

Utilizing technology in classification services for customer benefit

Digitally signed documents for fleets in service

Forms and reports for all FIS surveys are signed digitally. What’s more, coming in summer: digitally signed certificates with online authentication.


  • Publishes the documents in My DNV GL immediately
  • Makes it safe and easy to share documents
  • Lowers your risk of losing certificates and problems of wrong/missing endorsements, stamps or signature

Digitally improved, data-smart survey process 

Our upcoming smart survey booking solution will help you as an owner to better manage your Fleet in Service (FiS) survey requirements, with respect to time, scope and cost.


  • Reduce travel/overtime cost by benchmarking alternative port stay options
  • Smart - Proactive notification of upcoming, cost-effective combinations of surveys
  • Less interference with shipboard operations through better planning of survey and audits

Drone-based surveys and inspections

Drones provide new possibilities for video documentation of areas which are difficult to access for normal inspections and maintenance.


  • Significantly lower time for access preparation
  • Reduce your staging cost
  • Improve safety

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My DNV GL application fleet status

The application fleet status helps owners and managers to manage entire fleets and individual vessels – allowing for easy survey booking and access to documents and certificates.


  • Profit from the Fleet Planner providing an easy overview and monitoring 
  • Have full control of user and vessel access
  • Receive automatic alerts and class status reports
  • Manage ISM/ISPS and other audits, incl. non-conformities
  • Upload own documents and items
  • Upload and submit drawings and plans for document approval

Access is granted to our class-related customers only.


My DNV GL application Classification of newbuilding

The application classification of newbuildings for yards and designers supports any newbuilding project – now allowing you to submit documentation and enjoy enhanced customer interaction and status overviews.


  • Comment on the overview
  • Reply to comments
  • Gain an overview of submitted documentation
  • Have direct access to the project’s team

Access is granted to our class-related customers only.


My DNV GL application Certification and verification of products

Leverage the interactive tool certification and verification for CMC survey communication between the manufacturers of materials and components and DNV GL. It provides an overview of all orders, including online ordering and digital delivery of certificates.


  • Plan, send and modify survey requests at any time
  • Profit from a faster paperless, fully digital solution 
  • Rely on consistent handling regardless of location
  • Have more options for reusing information
  • Have direct access to the DNV GL team

Access is granted to our class-related customers only.


DATE − Direct Access to Technical Experts

Should you as an owner or operator have any technical questions regarding DNV GL-classed vessels, you can use DATE to directly connect to 400 technical experts worldwide. DATE will also be available as an mobile app in 2017.


  • Profit from quick, consistent and solution-centred support within 24 hours, often within 6 hours
  • Gain an overview of your own and your company’s ongoing and past support cases 
  • Enjoy time savings, as DATE routes requests directly to the responsible experts

Access is granted to our class-related customers only.

DATE screen image