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Manage IMO regulations with one combined solution

In the evolving regulatory landscape, DCS serves as the foundation for various compliance requirements like CII and SEEMP Part III. Our DCS verification solution offers you more than simple transactions. It is a data management solution that prepares you to efficiently manage future compliance requirements.

Transform routine tasks into valuable business intelligence, saving time while effortlessly managing DCS compliance. With our extensive experience encompassing over 50,000 reports, along with specialized tools like the SEEMP Part III Generator, we empower you to achieve efficient IMO compliance.

Leveraging our Emissions Insights tool, you gain real-time insights through robust data visualization. This includes assessing the CII rating of your ships for the next three years based on current data, enabling informed decision-making.

Advantages of DCS with DNV in a nutshell:

  • Seamless digital reporting and verification
  • Daily data transmission via API with major vessel data providers
  • Established reporting format, including coverage of EU/UK MRV requirements
  • Operational Vessel Data (OVD) format preparing for other decarbonization services
  • Integrated SEEMP support: SEEMP Part III Generator and tool for SEEMP Part II
  • Convenient monitoring of emissions and CII ratings via Emissions Insights tool
  • Streamlined planning and quality check of voyage and emissions data
  • Continuous DATE (Direct Access to Technical Expert) support
  • Preparedness for other advanced services such as Emissions Connect

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