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Reduce manual work and save valuable time

Automated and flexible data transfer

Enhance data quality

Continuous monitoring and reporting

Establish a single source of truth

Ensuring a robust data basis

The power of partnerships and connectivity

To ensure smooth compliance processes and accurate emissions reporting, maintaining a consistent and high-quality data flow is crucial. Our digital verification and compliance services for EU/UK MRV as well as IMO DCS are designed for maximum efficiency based on the Operational Vessel Data (OVD) format, with flexible data intake. 

Veracity Integrated Partner (VIP) programme

We recognize that not only compliance but also data collection and reporting need to be streamlined. That's why we have established the Veracity Integrated Partner (VIP) programme, which enables a seamless transfer of your vessel's data automatically from your performance management partners to the DNV platform. This programme facilitates data reporting and streamlines your processes, resulting in shorter reporting cycles and allowing you to report more frequently.

By focusing on the data stream, you can improve your overall data quality and lay a solid foundation for future compliance requirements, including the EU ETS. Plus, you can solve your business needs beyond compliance with tools like Emissions Connect, see tab GOING BEYOND.

5000 customers

could benefit from API integration

based on our Veracity Integrated Partner Programme

45000 vessels

to which DNV's DCS/MRV services could add value

by providing daily data feeds to the platform

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