Accessing DATE via My Services on Veracity


DATE Service



The benefits of accessing DATE via My Services on the Veracity platform are many: 

  • Better answers faster 
  • Question is placed in context of the vessel(s) it applies to 
  • Contextual information is available causing less need for iterations 
  • No need to pass sensitive documents through mail services 
  • Records are kept where you expect to find them – for later  

Access via My Services is provided at two levels 

  1. General access by self-registration
  2. Access to specific applications such as the My Fleet application showing private information about your vessels.

To use DATE, you have to be authorized at the level 2 to see private information about your company’s vessels.  

Everyone with access to your vessels will also have access to related DATE cases, so that you can use this as record and reference between your colleagues. 

If you do not have access to your vessels you can either 

  • request authorization (access) from your company’s local administrator for My Fleet or
  • if you do not know who your local administrator is, then please request access by e-mail to

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