Anchor loss prevention

Technical and operational challenges and recommendations

The root cause of many groundings and collisions, lost anchors are among the top five reasons for claims costs. Anchor and chain loss can often lead to collisions and grounding, which can result in additional damage to a vessel. Adding to the costs of anchor loss is the increasingly common requirement from port authorities that lost anchors are recovered.

A rising number of anchor losses reported over the last several years prompted DNV, Gard and The Swedish Club to investigate this issue. Based on an analysis of damage cases involving anchor and anchor chain losses, the project partners have issued a presentation identifying the most frequent technical and operational causes, and some steps crews and operators can take to address them.

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The following anchor awareness video looks at the essential aspects of anchoring and the technical issues related to anchor loss identified in the presentation.

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The full presentation is available as PDF for download. As a valuable addition, we offer a 45-minute video with an expert highlighting the main issues and findings discussed in the report. 

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