Repurposing onshore pipelines for hydrogen

Guiding operators through the re-evaluation process

Repurposing onshore pipelines is essential to scaling hydrogen. How can it be done in practice?

Repurposing onshore pipelines for hydrogen: Guiding operators through the re-evaluation process

To reach the targets of the Paris Agreement, DNV forecasts that hydrogen will need to meet around 15% of world energy demand by mid-century. This will necessitate a significant build-out of infrastructure to enable a hydrogen economy, much of it repurposed from natural gas infrastructure. The cost to repurpose pipelines is expected to be just 10-35% of new construction costs. This potential saving will lead to more than 50% of hydrogen pipelines globally being repurposed from natural gas pipelines, rising to as high as 80% in some regions that have significant existing natural gas infrastructure. As demand for repurposing natural gas pipelines grows, companies operating in the sector will have different questions and need guidance to help them get started. For example, as a pipeline operator looking to transform energy systems for hydrogen, or a government decision-maker or regulator:

  • Where do you start in your efforts to re-purpose natural gas networks? 
  • What are the vital factors you need to assess?
  • Which standards should guide your assessment? 

Repurposing onshore pipelines for hydrogen: Guiding operators through the re-evaluation process is DNV’s whitepaper on the current research and latest development around hydrogen pipelines. It explores established standards and the challenges facing the sector. It also outlines a process to assess the safety and feasibility of repurposing pipelines for hydrogen to build the confidence and certainty needed by network operators, governments, and regulators, enabling decision making today to transform energy systems for a low-carbon future. 

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