Floating Wind: The Power to Commercialize

Insights and reasons for confidence

DNV predicts that the installed capacity of floating wind would grow from 100 MW today to 250 GW in 2050, while the levelized cost of energy would fall to a global average of 40 EUR per MWh. 

In our new report, Floating Wind: The Power to Commercialize we provide expert insights on the road forward for the industry. In a series of articles, we explain the opportunities floating wind presents for players in the offshore wind, oil and gas and maritime industries as well as their supply chains, investors and society as a whole, and how these stakeholders can work together to commercialize floating wind. 

Having been involved in the floating wind market since the very beginning, the report covers in detail the insights and experiences of DNV’s experts on the following topics:

  • How floating wind will boost the energy transition
  • How cost reductions can be achieved 
  • Developments in key markets 
  • How to bring comfort for investors 
  • The importance of standards to mitigate risks 
  • Solutions for yards to achieve cost-effective floating wind construction
  • The need for digital innovation to handle the technology’s complexity 
  • Knowledge transfer from oil and gas projects 

Floating Wind: The power to commercialize